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012: Arriane Alexander, The Rock Your Life Coach

My guest this week on From One HEIGHT GODDESS to Another is Arriane Alexander. After striking up a conversation with a gentleman, I mentioned talking with tall women for this podcast and Voilà, she’s my guest! Aside from being … Read More

011: Ali Solomon, A Letter to My Very Tall Daughter

My guest this week on From One HEIGHT GODDESS to Another is Ali Solomon. I came across a Huffington Post article Ali had written called “8 Things My Very Tall Daughter Can Expect“, I loved the article and wanted … Read More

010: J. Enovy, Your Source for All Things Tall

My guest this week is the fabulous J. Enovy of Tall District. Tall District offers info on stores, products, designers, and bloggers that cater to tall consumers. I’ve had the opportunity to have several “off the record” conversations and finally … Read More

009: Giraffes & Jewels with Madison Hunnicutt

What happens when you make eye contact with a fellow Height Goddess? I make a bee line to go introduce myself and find out their tall girl story. That’s exactly what happened when I saw Madison Hunnicut. I’m pretty … Read More

008: Whitney Bracey, Changing the game in dance apparel

My guest this week on the podcast lights up a room with her spirit and energy. She’s the type of girl everyone wants to have as a friend. Her dance apparel is changing the game with nude dance wear … Read More

007: Brooke Banker, NYC Model with the Longest Legs

I initially saw Brooke Banker about 2 years ago on The Wendy Williams Show for being named NYC Model with the longest legs. I thought to myself she’s pretty cool and I would love to talk to her. Of … Read More

006: Interview with FashionPreneur Leah Frazier

Attorney, Journalist and Dallas Influencer…WHAT, I cannot believe I am just now meeting this fabulous woman! I recently met Leah Frazier after having several people tell me I had to meet her, we immediately connected. Don’t be like me … Read More

21 Mar '16

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TRENDING: Spring Nails

It’s the first Spring Manicure Monday, let’s kick it off right.  Spring allows us to experiment with fun styles and colors! Here are our favorite looks we’re going to try out. What are your favorite Springtime nail looks?

005: Visible Confidence with Chantelle Anderson

Call Me Miss if you’re…My guest this week on From One HEIGHT GODDESS To Another is Former WNBA Player Miss Chantelle Anderson. Most of us have experienced an event or a time we’ve met someone and can recall exactly what … Read More

004: Beauty & Business with Lisa Marie Hintze

I spend a good amount of my time in airports, over 7 years ago I met a stranger, we sat together and talked the entire flight, little did I know she would become one of my favorite people. My … Read More