June 1, 2011

Tall Pick Up Lines…

by Chantelle Anderson 


We appreciate the fascination with tall and beautiful women, and being a HEIGHT GODDESS can illicit some pretty funny reactions from men. Here are just a few we hear on a regular basis, followed by what we would really like to say out loud but usually don’t in the name of being polite. Haha. Enjoy!

Him: I’ll dunk on you girl!
HEIGHT GODDESS: Does that honestly sound like something I’d enjoy? Hint: No.

Him: Baby you real cute for a tall girl.
HEIGHT GODDESS: Is that supposed to be a compliment? *Note* Let me just tell you, that is NOT a compliment, and it will not be taken as one by any Height Goddess!

Him: You know we’re all the same height laying down.
HEIGHT GODDESS: First of all, no we’re not. Second, don’t assume you’ll ever get that far.

Him (tilting his head back looking up): I looooove tall women. Am I too short for you?
HEIGHT GODDESS: I looooove tall men…so yes, you are.

Him: You’re a whole lot of woman!
HEIGHT GODDESS: So nice of you to notice… (sarcastically)

Him: Girl come over here and post me up.
HEIGHT GODDESS: Cute? Maybe. Heard a million times? Definitely. Be more original, please and thanks.

Him: Damn girl…those legs could wrap around me twice!
HEIGHT GODDESS: And you thought a sexual reference as your first comment to me would totally give you a chance? Oh, ok.

Him: Can I just be your man on the side? You can call me when your BF ain’t actin right.
HEIGHT GODDESS: Ha…walk a couple blocks and try that line again, on someone else.

Him: Now you know you a tall drink of water, and I’m thirsty!
HEIGHT GODDESS: Don’t say that again. You sound like the perverted uncle that inappropriately hits on everyone.

Him: When we gonna play 1 on 1?
HEIGHT GODDESS: That’s original (sarcastically). And never.

Ok so, let me just say that the best pick-up line is no line at all. If you see a woman you’re interested in, watch her for a little while… not like a stalker but just observing. Notice what she’s doing and try to get clues on her personality or things she likes (yes this requires a little thought and effort which is virtually unheard with Facebook and all). Then go over, introduce yourself, and start a conversation like an adult. If you try one of the lines above, chances are you’ll either get a polite smile and a pass, or on a really bad day, she might actually say what she’s thinking. Haha. Good luck catching your own HEIGHT GODDESS!

Guys, what has been your experience when trying to approach to a tall woman? Ladies, don’t see a familiar pick up line above? Share the ones you’ve heard below!

Chantelle Anderson is an official HEIGHT GODDESS Ambassador and retired collegiate and
professional basketball player who has played in the
Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) and overseas.


  1. “I like girls I can climb.”

    …I don’t even know how that could be fun.

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